Happy Thursday! ?

I was anticipating much discussion on my economics post… it’s gotten fewer page views than my “Social Networking” page!!! Oh well, not everyone is into macroeconomics, I guess. Are all of you thriving in this economy so it just doesn’t matter to you? Am I the only one who’s broke and battered and bruised? Continue reading

A poor orphan girl named Maria…

I hate cheesy, sentimental, over-done songs written simply to tug at the heart strings… you know the one’s I’m talking about… Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood and The Christmas Shoes sung by Bob Carlisle… oh… and speaking of Carlisle… how about Butterfly Kisses? I hate being manipulated by these stupid songs.

However, there is a song playing on my local 24/7 Christmas music station that I just adore… it’s called The Gift and it is performed by Aselin Debison. Here are the lyrics: Continue reading