Happy Thursday! ?

I was anticipating much discussion on my economics post… it’s gotten fewer page views than my “Social Networking” page!!! Oh well, not everyone is into macroeconomics, I guess. Are all of you thriving in this economy so it just doesn’t matter to you? Am I the only one who’s broke and battered and bruised? Continue reading

“Christian Nation”

I have ordered a book from Amazon called “The Myth of a Christian Nation” by Gregory A. Boyd.  Greg is the Sr. pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, MN.  I have become increasingly frustrated with the “Christian” wing of the the Republican party and their attempt to strong arm conservatives into voting for particular candidates and issues.  We are bombarded again and again by “religious” leaders telling us of a “war on America” and encouraging us to return to our “Christian roots” as a nation.  This nation was founded by religious refugees who were tired of a government-run church and who wanted to worship as they saw fit.  These men and women were not fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians as some (Dobson, Falwell, Robertson) would have us believe.  Many writings of our nations founders indicate belief in GOD, in a deity, in the Almighty.  I can recall NO instance in which a founder wrote about “the cause of Christ” or “conversion of souls”.  The framers of the constitution knew exactly what they were doing.  Separation of Church and State IS the law of the land!  Period.