Boycott Domino’s Pizza… It might save your marriage

I am so utterly offended by this ad, it’s not even funny to me. I can hear it now… “Lighten up, Matty.” “It’s just a joke, Matty.” Yeah, well… Is this how men are to be treated? Let’s break it down. (subject matter below may be considered PG-13 by some) Continue reading

Ironman Saturday – 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off!

Picture this… if you can…

Men… Meat… Peppers… Onions… More Meat…

I am so excited.  The men’s ministry at The Crossing is having our 2nd Annual Chili cook-off on Saturday, 10/20!  But, I’m having a small crisis of decision… what kind of chili to make????  Here’s what I’ve got so far…

(Any of these could be made with beef, chicken, pork, turkey)

Traditional Texas Red Chili – meat, kidney beans, tomatoes, cheddar cheese
Sonoran Green Chili – meat, hominy, tomatillos, jack/cheddar cheese
Southwestern White Chili – meat, navy beans, cream/sour cream, jack cheese

I have also been toying with a Baja-inspired seafood chili… it’s not a recipe yet, per se… just an culinary nebula in the universe that is my brain…

SO… I WANT YOUR COMMENTS!!!  I welcome any suggestions or questions or ideas or “dude, what the hell are you thinking?”‘s… ok?  Ok!