A couple of posts back I mentioned in a postscript that you should all stay tuned for a big announcement!

Well… here it is…. (drum roll)

This blog is moving to! As of Aug 1, 2008 all posting will cease at this address and will continue at the new one!

Isn’t that cool! If you click on the link above you will see a mirror of everything before this post, all the old articles, posts, pages and comments are there (WordPress has an AWESOME import/export feature) and you can browse to your heart’s content. I have uploaded my custom header image (i love the beach, have i mentioned that?) but I will continue to customize for the next couple weeks. By Aug 1, however, I hope to be posting exclusively on!

at this point, is not a viable site… but it’s coming soon!!!!




I’ve redesigned things a bit… I felt my one sidebar was getting over crowded as there are always so many cool little widgets and gadgets that can go in them… so, I picked a 3-column theme so I could spread it out a bit, trouble is, I don’t like the default color scheme and i’m no good for picking a new one… so, i just decided to fudge a bit and see if i could make something that resembles my old theme… ehhh… it’ll do for now…

i’m exhausted… i think i need more than 3 hours of sleep…  tonight there will be a nap, then there will be a midnight run to Wal-Mart to procure “Transformers” as it arrives on DVD tomorrow (10/16)… hence the midnight run… i want to be FIRST!!!  then, more sleeping…


Matty the Stranger