Greetings all and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! My prayer is that 2008 will be the best year yet!

As a word of note, I will no longer be referring to my son as “Fish”… he is now, “Bug”… my mom always called me “bug” when I was small and after spending a week with her and my dad and sister, my son is the new “bug”… ok, anyway… whatever… Continue reading

To my readers…

I love you all so much… You may not know how it brightens my day to see when you comment or to check my “blog stats” and see all the hits. (Is it egotistical that I spend a vast amount of time reading and analyzing my blog stats?)

I really started this blog to help me deal with the end of my marriage and my new journey with GOD. To that end, it has been a wild success. I hope and pray that my words can be an inspiration to you all, a chance to pause and reflect, or even give you a chuckle.

I also want to take this opportunity to update you all on some going’s on in my life… Continue reading

“I’ll have a blue Christmas…”


Fish and I set up my Christmas tree on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and he had a blast. We got as far as getting the lights on, but when I opened up the box of ornaments…

The depression hit me like a ton of bricks… I could barely fight back the tears… These are all the decorations She and I have collected over the last 9 Christmases…

Yesterday, when I dropped Fish off back at his apartment, I took Her aside for a second and immediately burst into tears.  She gave me a big hug and let me vent and was really quite wonderful about the whole thing…  I am SO GLAD She has Her parents here in town… I miss mine SO MUCH…

Fish and I are heading to Redding (that rhymes, Fish!!) on 12/21 for the week!


long time, no post….

I feel like I have been away forEVER!!! There’s so much on my mind and I haven’t had the opportunity to get it all sorted!

Thanksgiving was great… I traveled up to northern California to see my parents and my sister. Fish didn’t come with me on this trip, but he and I will be up in Redding again over Christmas week… Originally, I was supposed to have Fish over Thanksgiving, but his cousins (Her brother and sister-in-law and their kids) were in Vegas visiting Her parents and I didn’t want him to miss out on that… they always have such a great time together and Her brother and all are really strong Christians and I wanted Fish to be around that… so it was a win-win… Now, Fish and I are going to drive up to Redding the Friday before Christmas and stay for a bit!! Grammy and Seanair (my mom and dad… Seanair is Scottish Gaelic for “grandfather”) and Fish’s “Aunt Nancy” are very excited to see him…

I’ve got lots more I want to write but I don’t have the time just now… I want to write about Tgiving dinner and I want to write about movies coming out and… and… and… LOL


The Cutest Boy Ever

I just had to share this. My mom was in town about a month ago and we went to Fashion Show Mall. Here’s a picture she took of me and Fish at the Apple Store! (btw, Mac’s rule and Vista drools!)


I am testing Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon right now to see if I can switch over the parental laptop! I’ll keep y’all posted on how it goes. (that y’all was for you, Andi!!!)


To Bug

I miss you, Bug. I miss being able to hold you and hug you and tickle you everyday. I look forward to our Tuesday night dinners as if they were water in this desert we have to call home for now. I know you need Her now, but someday, maybe, you will decide to come live with me and I will be so happy… I have always abhorred the phrase “broken home”… I pray everyday that your mother and I will be able to give you 2 whole homes and never a broken one… I pray that She won’t tell you bad things about me… I pray that GOD will be so real to you and that HE will make you HIS… I pray that one day you will understand that I had to leave, in order to be good to you and be the best Dad I could be, I had to leave… You asked me, “Why would you move away from me?” and it broke my heart… How do I answer you? I can’t tell you, “Well, She would move you away from me without a second thought”… I explain how great it will be for you to come and visit me and be able to see Grammy and Seanair and Aunt Nancy all the time… you are satisfied… for now…

I love you so much, Bug

“Fish” and Daddy at Border Grill, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

Happy Monday!

Good day to all my faithful… and my deepest and most sincere apologies for neglecting my blogging responsibilities.

My dear friend, Andi, over at kungfuchicken has chided me a little to remind me of my promised “Testimony” post.  This is proving to be a much harder undertaking than I initially anticipated.  A stretch of my literary muscles, so to speak.   I am up to the challenge… just looking for the time! (yes, i did NEED to sit on the couch and watch football yesterday!)

My mom is coming to visit this weekend… I have resigned myself to the fact she is coming to see “Fish” and not me… oh, well…  Pictures of the blessed events to follow early next week… see if we can’t spice this blog up a little…

Still playing around with layout and themes… I would appreciate any and all comments (+, -, N)… most recently, I have switched the “About” page to be something you click to, not the main page when you first view the blog…