How do you keep track?

I have discovered something great called Google Reader.  For those who might not know, Google reader is an RSS reader, but it is browser based, part of Google’s online suite of productivity apps.  I must say, I am in love!!!

My dad tells me that he loves to read what I write, but he doesn’t remember to go to my blog on a regular basis.  For him, I have subscribed him to my email feed, so that new posts appear in his Hotmail inbox… I know, I know… Mr. No-Micro$oft and my folks use Hotmail.  I have been trying to convince them to switch to Gmail… anybody have any good “arguments” I can use?

I encourage you, if you try to follow several blogs but don’t want to be tied down to a “single-computer”RSS reader, check out Google Reader.

Oh, and, Dad, this should be the first message to show up in your inbox from my blog feed.   I hope you didn’t delete it.