I have been (very loosely) affiliated with an organization called By affiliated I mean, I download from them on occasion and I have submitted once. is a site/organization dedicated to producing high-quality audiobooks of works which are in the public domain. These include unpublished works which hold no copyright and also older works for which the copyright has expired. My meager submission is a part of the Librivox Short Story Collection, Vol. 8, and is a reading of Mark Twain’s short story, Cannibalism in the Cars which is one of my absolute favorite stories. If you’d care to hear my reading or any others from that collection, click here.

I truly enjoy I love to see people coming together, volunteering their time and resources to join in a community. The name, Librivox, comes from mashing together a couple of Latin words meaning “free voice” or “book voice”.  From the website:

What does LibriVox mean?
“LibriVox” is the sort of name you invent when you don’t know Latin at all. “Libri” means book, and “Vox” means “voice” so it means: “BookVoice.” But it’s possible Latin scholars would cringe at some error in the melding together of the two words. Still, it sounded pretty good. Another Latin word for book is “Liber”, which also means: “child, offspring;” and “free, independent, unrestricted.” So we like to think LibriVox might be interpreted as “child of the voice”, and “free voice”. Finally, the other link we like is library; so you could imagine it to mean Library of Voice, which sounds cool too. But all this is the result of using online Latin dictionaries with no formal training.

I would encourage you, faithful readers, to visit  Browse the catalog or subscribe to one of their podcasts.  If you enjoy reading aloud, volunteer.  Pretty much any computer in existence can handle the recording and I would be glad to help.  Maybe we can all share in your submissions next time.