“Something D-O-O economics?… Voo Doo economics… Bueller?”

“A rising tide lifts all boats” – attributed to JFK

So, we were having this discussion at lunch about corporate out-sourcing and the shrinking middle class and the sorry state of the economy in general. I’m an economic conservative, for the most part. I tend to be a little more Libertarian than Republican, but I respect the economic growth that took place in the 80’s based on deregulation, tax breaks for corporations and HUGE AMOUNTS of defense spending. But, you know what? “Trickle Down Economics” doesn’t work anymore… Let’s consider this.

Classic supply-side economics says that when the economy is stimulated such that it encourages entities to produce(supply) goods and services, this, in turn, creates jobs, which enable people to spend, leading to more production and so on and so on. Demand is, in essence, secondary. In the 80’s, income taxes and the taxes on corporations were reduced across the board and, like good supply-side-ers, corporations in this country hired workers, paid wages, paid taxes and the economy grew. It was in the best interest of corporations to do this; meaning it increased their profits, which is the true motive of any corporation.

Today, this model is ineffective due, mostly, to the outsourcing of jobs overseas to cheap labor markets like China, India and Mexico. Corporations are following their motive, higher profits. They can now, with the advent of high-speed data transmission lines, relocate call centers and manufacturing to the developing world and shave millions off of their costs. This is good for the bottom line, it’s good for the stock holders’ dividends and it’s good for the developing world… but it’s shitting all over the American economy. Couple this with the willingness of foreigners to invest in US corporations and it means much of those profits, which would previously have been reinvested in the US economy, are now going to pay overseas workers and to pay interest on loans made, not just by foreign individuals or VC firms, but by SOVEREIGN STATES! Here in Las Vegas, the sovereign government of the state of Dubai has invested close to $3 Billion in MGM/Mirage, acquiring 5% of MGM/Mirage and 50% of the City Center project. The City Center project is the largest, private construction project in the US and will total over $7 Billion at completion; and half of the profit will be going to fund the Arab state of Dubai.

So, as you listen to candidates (and the Pres.) talk about economic stimulus and how they want to pull us out of this slump, listen to see if they are proposing anything which will keep jobs here in the US! Look for candidates who propose incentives for businesses who don’t out-source jobs overseas or who propose tax cuts for businesses who reinvest their profits back into the local economy. Our country is never going to survive if we keep sending money overseas!

Just my 2 cents (or should that be, my 2 rupees),

Barack Obama

John Kerry and Obama.jpg, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

I wonder if this could be the ticket if Obama wins the Democratic nomination in Denver this Aug?

I feel fairly sure which ever candidate wins the Democratic Nomination will be the next president. Can anyone tell me when the last time was that a sitting president’s party won the White House after that sitting president had served two terms? I know the answer to that one, but when did it happen before that?

Gonna be an interesting year!



I feel like the blog is kinda all over the place.  A little religion, a little personal stuff, a little politics.  Is it hard to read?  Is it frustrating for you, my readers?  I get very few comments per page view and I’m not sure why that is.

Anyone want to share?

Reflections on Iowa

So far on my blog I have not done much writing on politics. However, as 2008 dawns and a Presidential race looms, I am forced to acknowledge that I have a keen interest in the process this time around; far more than I have in recent years. Those of you who knew me in High School may be shocked to hear that. I was nothing short of a political junkie and far-right-wing ASS my senior year. There are lots of reasons for that which I will address in another post (it has to do with insecurity and elitism and it affects not just politics but religion and all other facets of our lives). Continue reading

Jan 3, 2008 in Iowa and beyond…

I stand (figuratively) here at the official beginning of the 2008 campaign season (the Iowa caucuses) and survey the political landscape in this, our great nation, the U S of A, and I am…. sad? no…. happy? no… relieved? yeah… relieved is a good word. I am relieved to know our political process goes on… it’s not a perfect system, this representative democracy of ours. In fact, it’s the worst governmental system in the world, except for all the other ones that have been tried. Continue reading

I really hate to do this… Politics makes me itch…

I found this video on YouTube… It’s propaganda… I know this… but, it’s propaganda that resonates with me… tell me what you think…


A Christian Nation?

I came across Xanik’s blog today and read this post. He is commenting on an article from The New York Times on the place of religion in modern American politics as well as in our history.

I’d like to go on record as agreeing whole-heartedly with Xanik’s summary assessment quoted here:

…let’s stop splitting up this country as we’re currently on the path to. I don’t agree with everyone in this country, but I acknowledge they have a right to live here. (Just as I do.) Compromises can be made, just as they have always been made, to accommodate as many peoples as we can. As time marches on, and changes the culture of America, we must all adapt, lest we be left in time’s dust, and only left as a forgotten memory. It isn’t always easy to accept new ideas/cultures, but American has always been better for it in the past. Why must that now change?

Kudos to you, Xanik, and to the author of the NYTimes article, as well… We need to be citizens of the Kingdom of God and members of the family and body of CHRIST, before we ally ourselves with ANY entity on earth.

Matty the Stranger