Gutsy Update

well… I took a Kubuntu 7.10 (Alt) install disk up to Redding over Thanksgiving and installed it on mom’s laptop… install went fine (it’s a Dell Inspiron notebook) but the Broadcom wireless card is giving me fits… i ended up bringing the lappy home from Cali with me and I promised to have it ship-shape by the time I get back there at Christmas…

I’m taking suggestions for other distro’s, tho… if anyone has any thoughts… basically, I want to have a KDE desktop (for ease of use and familiar feel) but, I don’t anticipate them needing to upgrade/install apps so, K/X/Ubuntu’s package management sys is not such a huge selling point… the lappy has a 2ghz celleron but is really short on RAM…

feedback, please!!!

The Cutest Boy Ever

I just had to share this. My mom was in town about a month ago and we went to Fashion Show Mall. Here’s a picture she took of me and Fish at the Apple Store! (btw, Mac’s rule and Vista drools!)


I am testing Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon right now to see if I can switch over the parental laptop! I’ll keep y’all posted on how it goes. (that y’all was for you, Andi!!!)


I want the Ultimate Version

This is why Macs and Apple, Inc and (most of all) Steve Jobs ROCK!!!

so sorry to all you Micro$oft losers out there!!

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anybody using twitter?


Apple vs. Dell – a Fortune Magazine blog post…

Over at this blog there is an article comparing the Stock Market success of Apple, Inc (formerly Apple Computer) and Dell… as per usual, there are several comments and, as per usual, there are several idiotic comments… just wanted to point out one in particular:

You guys are stupid.

Apple is proprietary and not only make their own hardware, but also OS.

Dell relies on Microsoft OS. How can you blame Dell for not being innovative when it’s Microsoft with the OS. Hardware wise, anything an Apple does, Dell can do too.

On top of that, last time I checked, Microsoft OWNS the marketshare for OSes by a LARGE LARGE percentage. There’s reason for that. And it’s not because Microsoft had a monopoly on PCs.

Apple has been around for just as long as IBM has. You all think Apple is the god’s gift to computing when it was really only Mac OS X that changed Apple’s future. Any of you guys ever use Mac 9.x? Or like it? Didn’t think so.

You all hate Microsoft for one reason: because it made more money than you, your kids, or your kids kids will ever make combined. Microsoft did more good for the computer world than it did bad, by far.

And the fact of the matter is, 85% of you reading this are prbbly using a Microsoft OS. And only ppl that post are ppl that whine about M$ and PCs.

Notice how there’s a windows virutal box for Mac but no Mac virtual box for windows? WINDOWS OWNS THE MARKET. People need windows more than people need macs.

And for those of you who think Vista sucks, you’re way off. With a little tweaking, I have Vista running smoothly, and I love the GUI.

And don’t tell me the GUI was copied off of apple, because Mac OS X copied their GUI from UNIX.

Suck it up and live with it. God bless Microsoft.

P.S. It’s funny to think too that Dell was created by a kid in college, and now he’s worth more than you. You want to make a difference? Start your own computer company. We’ll see how far you get.
Posted By Nishant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : October 8, 2007 11:10 am

here is my response:

wow… this is a response to Nishant of Toronto…

First of all, no one is stupid because of what type of computer they use. Second, Microsoft has a monopoly in the OS market because of marketing and because there isn’t real strong anti-trust law in the US, not because they have a superior product… I don’t hate Microsoft… I don’t use their products when I can help it…

Secondly, OS X didn’t copy their GUI from Unix. The first GUIs were developed in UNIX, however, Apple pioneered the integrated graphical OS with the Macintosh (the interface was, i admit, stolen from Xerox-PARC)… by integrated, I mean, the OS was the GUI… it wasn’t a layer running on top… Microsoft didn’t truly have this until Windows 2000 and XP… and they’ve only begun to approach OS X functionality with Vista… but it ain’t there yet…

Thirdly, my first computer was a Mac Classic II, running Mac System 7.5, 4MB RAM and a 40MB hard drive… and it was freakin awesome… i LOVED it…

Finally, I don’t have any problem with Bill Gates or Michael Dell or anyone else making more money than I do… Steve Jobs makes lots more than I do and I don’t have a problem with him, the Steves (Jobs and Woz) are my heros!

Present a cogent argument next time, ok?



I tried, but I just couldn’t do it…

It was Sept 15th, 2007. I had decided I just couldn’t afford to be a Cox cable customer anymore… so, with heavy heart, I called up and canceled my cable tv and my high-speed internet… It was AWFUL… now, it’s Oct 4th, 2007… a mere 19 days later, and I caved… I called up Cox and begged them to turn my internet back on!!! “Do you want your cable tv reinstated as well, sir?” Nope, Nope, Nope… Anything I’d be desperate to watch, I can probably watch on-line!!!

So, by 8pm PDT tomorrow, Friday October 5th, I should be back amongst the technologically living… My life without electrons buzzing in and out of my home is coming to an end… not a day too soon! Now, if only someone would call me up and tell me they’d really like to buy me a new MacBook… *sigh*