Test Post from ScribeFire

Hello Dear Sweet Readers,

I am posting this from the ScribeFire extension for Firefox (Firefox is the ONLY web browser in the world… if you aren’t using Firefox, there is something seriously wrong with you…. I still love you and all, but… I mean c’mon!)

This is really cool because the ScribeFire extension pops up a text editing window and allows me to write a blog post without having to actually log in to my blog!! How F***in’ Cool!

Ok… back to work….


ps – stay tuned for a big announcement!

pps- I’m nuts for social networking stuff so, go get a twitter account and follow me… and check out jott.com… and twitpic.com… and get plugged in to the 21st Century!!!

ppps- Check out my Flickr Pics and my YouTube Page !

pppps – just seeing if you’re still reading…. i love you!

One Response

  1. I love firefox – I’ll have to try the scribefire.
    OK, I’m off to add you on twitter and flickr.

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