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1) The next time Hillary Clinton accuses someone of being “mean-spirited” we need to force her to watch her speech from Tuesday night. Usually you have to be a member of a long-suffering minority to achieve that level of bitterness; to see it from an uptight, wealthy, white woman is a little off-putting.

2) I sincerely hope that Barak Obama is the next president of the United States and that Hillary Clinton is NOT the next vice-president.

3) John McCain makes Dick Chaney look like a 15 year-old kid going to the Jr. Prom.

More later……

6 Responses

  1. Funny isn’t it how people who claim to be Christian have no problem compartmentalizing their life?

    Name calling and such…

    Where’s the love in politics? haha

  2. Could you please explain how you can vote for Obama with his stance on abortion?


  3. James ~

    First, thanks so much for commenting and joining into the discussion. It’s always great to have a new friend participate.

    You ask about Obama’s stance on Abortion. Before we discuss this, let’s all get on the same page. The website OnTheIssues.org gives all the candidates’ stances on various issues. This is the link to Obama’s views on abortion: http://www.ontheissues.org/Social/Barack_Obama_Abortion.htm.

    I agree with Sen. Obama on many (not all) of his stances. That is how I can vote for him. But, I seek to not be a “one-issue” voter. I have many reasons for wanting to vote for Barrak Obama. You, by asking your question, have assumed that I think like you, for some reason. I wonder if your real question is, “How can a Christian be pro-choice?”

    Let’s discuss!


  4. Matty,

    Seeing a few of your previous Obama posts, I made no assumption what so ever to think you thought like me, in fact just the opposite. I asked the question because I knew you didn’t think like me and I was curious how you came to your Obama conclusions.

    I am going to read all of your Obama posts, so I can get a better understanding of where you are coming from.


  5. James ~

    So sorry to make that assumption. I don’t find Obama’s stance on abortion to be all that dis-similar from mine, so there is no conflict there for me.

    I like Sen. Obama. I would like to hang out with him and be friends with him. Also, we agree on many things. I feel I have more in common with him than I do with John McCain or Hillary Clinton.

    I also believe that change is good. Now, I realize that “change” is a buzzword, but I truly mean that we need something new. 12 years of Regan/Bush, 8 years of Clinton, 8 more years of Bush, Jr (Bush Lite, in some circles)…. we need something new. I don’t believe that Dems have all the right answers, I don’t believe Reps have all the right answers. I believe each has right answers to some questions and wrong answers to other questions. We need both influences in our society to be a well-rounded people.

    This is why I support Sen. Obama.


  6. Matty,


    After reading more of your posts, I do not feel the need to “discuss” these issues because you are not going to convince me and I know I am not going to convince you. We look at the world from two totally different viewpoints. With that said, please don’t think I am a Republican because I am not.

    I just trust that you have prayed and fasted for the person you are going to vote for in November, like I have.

    I would like to hear your take on the Carter years?


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