Sen. Edward Kennedy

Here in the Strange Land, we want to send our hearts, thoughts and prayers to Sen. Kennedy and his friends and family. So many tragedies have hit the Kennedy clan over the years, yet they have stood up for the poor, the oppressed and the down-trodden with courage and honor.

Dear Father in Heaven, be with the Kennedy family as they deal with the illness of their remaining patriarch, Edward. We pray for recovery and complete healing. Amen.

And, if any of you reading this message have thought that, because Ted is a Liberal and a Democrat, he’s getting what he deserves, I would kindly ask that you never set browser to this blog ever again. I don’t want you as a reader. That goes for any who agree with John McCain’s pastor that Katrina was a curse sent by God to destroy New Orleans. God is love. People are spiteful. Don’t get ’em mixed up!


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  1. Matthew, clearly a generational curse. Just look at it.

  2. Matthew, God certainly love but He is also a Just and Rightous God. You can’t just pick and choose the Scripture that makes you (personallh) feel good or fit your (personal) agenda.

    Now having said that, I too pray that the remaing Kennedy Clan receive some measure as they walk through this season of illness with Edward. Jehovah-Jirah is the Lord our Healer!

  3. M54,

    Are you suggesting, then, that the assassin’s bullets that took the lives of John and Bobby Kennedy were divine judgment? Or that Teddy’s brain tumor is a curse from God? Or that Johnny’s plane crashed because of some vendetta God has against the Kennedy family?

    You know, some people asked Jesus once, “Who sinned, this man or his father, that he was born blind?” Jesus told them that the man’s blindness wasn’t due to any sin, but so that God might be glorified. I don’t know about your God, but my God doesn’t deal out arbitrary punishment… people do that. We are made in God’s image, you are, perhaps, making God in your image.

    To quote a statement you made in a previous post, “The Old Testament makes the Iraq war look like a walk in the park.” The Hebrew Bible (naively, perhaps, called the Old Testament) details the religious history of the Jews, or more correctly, the ancient Hebrews. In the stories, myths, songs, psalms and historical documents which make up the Hebrew Bible, Justice is meted out by God (Jehovah) on the enemies of Israel. Let me make this point as simply as I know how… The United States of America IS NOT ancient Israel. We are not the chosen people of God. We have no divine right to mete out what we perceive to be God’s Justice onto our enemies or anybody else, for that matter. I believe the relevant scripture here might be ” ‘Vengeance is Mine’, sayeth the Lord.”

    Sorry to rant…


  4. So we don’t lose a lot of time here let me try to understand where you are coming from. Do you believe the Bible (both OT & NT) to be t he inspired Word of God or not? Not just some of it but all of it. For if you would think it would be some of it what measure or by whose judgement would you decide which is and which isn’t?

    Those who asked Jesus about who sined this man or father. He replied none it was for the Father’s glorification. If you will recall they were speaking a bout a man who was BORN blind. So everyone knew he blind from birth. THAT is how God was glorified, it wasn’t from an accident or “misbehavior” that people could say it was some sort of sin.

    Jesus was not a pacifist either. And yes generational curses DO exist. I will look them up for you in the Bible if you need me too.

    Finally, you do understand that Iraq is former Babalon but maybe that’s just a coincidence.

  5. M54,

    I respectfully must disagree with you. And, because this is my blog and I am the supreme ruler here, I am asking that we end this discussion. I, of course, as the supreme ruler here, could lock down the comments so I am sure to get the last word, but I won’t do that, you are welcome to one more response. This will be my last post in these comments.

    Jesus was a pacifist. Jesus never advocated war or violence as a way to resolve conflict. Look to the Sermon on the Mount. The only recorded time that Jesus stood up in front of people and he said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Look to the story of Peter in the Garden on the night of Jesus’ betrayal. Peter grabbed a sword and attacked the guard of the High Priest. Jesus rebuked him and went further and healed the guard. He did this knowing what lay ahead of Him.

    The study of scripture is one I do not take lightly. I believe, as I have been taught by people much smarter than me, that the scriptures are a collection of documents, written by human beings and collected by human beings. The Bible teaches that “all scriptures” are inspired by God and are useful for teaching. While I do not believe that the Bible, as it was assembled, is 100% literally true, 100% historically and scientifically accurate, I do believe that, taken as a whole, it gives the complete picture of God and of His desire for an intimate relationship with human beings which is only made possible by the person of Jesus Christ.

    The Kennedy family has committed no great sin which would cause them to stand out more than any other family, yours and mine included. God does not arbitrarily pick on people.

    Yes, Iraq sits on the same geography as ancient Babylon, and yes, it’s a coincidence. Many conservatives in this country decry “holy war” in one breath and then scream that God wants us to destroy our enemies with the next. Disgusting.


  6. The Kenndy’s have had a lot of tragedy in their family. I was saddened to hear the news.
    Just as I’m deeply saddened that Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter got killed.

    M54, Is the death of his daughter punishment for some sin?

  7. Matt – feel free to delete this after you read it if you want but….

    I feel like on the one hand you’re preaching love and pacifism but your actions don’t match your words… Your blog clearly stated that those with different beliefs ought to go take a hike and when someone posted some very direct comments you, in effect, told them the same thing. Where’s the love? Christ didn’t send’em packing when they didn’t agree with Him. Nor did He back down from what He believed. Instead He showed them love.

    Just my thoughts…

  8. lesbiansaidwhat ~ thanks for the comment, C!

    Andi ~ I appreciate your thoughts…. and you are probably right… I have a hard time showing love to people who, it would seem, claim their own prejudices and hates are God’s prejudices and hates. Did I show M54 love? Perhaps not. I hope I showed him respect. He has been through a lot of tragedy in his own life, and I believe he is doing his best to make sense of it all.

    My comment to, as you put it, “take a hike” was directed at closed-minded people who, in my opinion, distort the word of God to their own ends. Not because I don’t love them, but because I don’t want to promote their hateful agendas.

    Again, you are probably right and perhaps I should apologize to M54…

    trying to Glorify God (but usually failing to do so),

  9. I agree that trying to discuss anything with close-minded people is aggrevating, at best. You usually end up getting nowhere and I respect your choice to not give audience to people like that. Just the way you worded it came across as a little blunt.
    btw – I think you were respectful, just lacking a little love 😉
    I was also thinking, while I read this, that the Matt I remember liked to discuss things and be persuasive etc… but then it dawned on me that I don’t really know you. It’s so weird to think that I only know a two year slice of your life. I am enjoying getting to know you (again) through your thoughts on your blog. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

  10. Thank you for allowing me this final comment and too the “respectful disagreement”.

    The peacemakers are those who forgive like God AND are HIS CHILDREN. (Matt 5:9, 45 Lk 6:35)


    pēs´māk-ẽr: Occurs only in the plural (Mt 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers (eirēnopoioı́): for they shall be called sons of God” (who is “the God of peace”)). We have also what seems to be a reflection of this saying in Jas 3:18, “The fruit of righteousness is sown in peace for (the Revised Version margin “by”) them that make peace” (toı́s poioúsin eirḗnēn). In classical Greek a “peacemaker” was an ambassador sent to treat of peace. The word in Mt 5:9 would, perhaps, be better rendered “peace-workers,” implying not merely making peace between those who are at variance, but working peace as that which is the will of the God of peace for men.

    W. L. Walker”

    If you have a comupter program or conocordane do a word serch on “sword”. Also remember Jesus took time to fashion a whip when the money changers were in the Temple.

    I believe if you read about the peacekeepers you will see two t hings. Jesus and the Bible are talking about keeping peace amoung the church and people who are treating you poorly because you DO believe in Jesus.

    Jesus set examples in the Bible of protecting the oppressed and the spiritually corrupt (the man possessed by demons, Sodom/Gomorah, etc). The government of Iraq had abused it’s people for quite some time and even used them for their pleasures.

    You say that it’s a coincidence that Iraq sits geographically on the same sight as ancient Babalon. Coincidentially speaking where do you thing the “New Jeruselum” will be.

    It ALL starts in the spirit realm and workss its way down to the natural world. Was is Juduas (the man) who betrayed Jesus or was it the enemy who penetrated Judas’ heart that caused that act?

    Now for Generational Curses: “Exodus 20:5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,”

    Clearly written is generational curses. But if you follow that up with “Exodus 20:6 but showing love to a thousand {generations} of those who love me and keep my commandments. ”

    Also look at what God told Adam (paraphrase) from now on you will have toil in the Earth to earn your living. Then what He told Eve (paraphrase) from now on women will suffer pain in child birth.

    I encourage you not to dismiss generational curses so quickly. Look into it and your ancestry. What can it hurt?

    Finally, Jehovah-Rapha is the Lord our Healer. We ask Him to manifest His divine presence in Edward Kennedy too reveal all things hidden for the repentance of sins so that salvation may be most important thing sought… as it may well be already.

    Running the race,

  11. I’m not sure this will make it but let me try. Why is it when someone has different “revelation” then it is they who are the one “close minded”?

    So sad to hear about Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter. I can not imagine the depth of his pain at this very moment.

    The circumstances surrounding death may well be different for each of us. We will have to live with some mystery.

    My (current) views on Holy Scripture are just that… current. Over years they have evolved and I hope they continue to evolve for that means the Holy Spirit is still working in me.

    Running the race

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