Just a reminder: The 5th anniversary of “Mission Accomplished”

It was 5 years ago today that George W. Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and proclaimed that major combat operations were done in Iraq. He did this whilst standing in front of a banner proclaiming “Mission Accomplished”. Of the 4000+ US service men and women who have died in Iraq, 97% of them have died since May 1, 2003.

Today, the economy is the only issue of greater importance in the minds of most voters. We must stop this war in Iraq. We must withdraw our troops and allow the birth pangs of civil war to run their course in Iraq. This conflict in Iraq is not one where any outcome can be considered a victory. Iraq is Vietnam all over again. WE MUST BRING OUR TROOPS HOME. It is unfortunate that we ever became mired in this conflict. The case cannot be made for continued commitment at current troop levels in Iraq. It is a lost cause that will only result in further deaths.


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  1. Well I don’t know who you speak for when you use terms like “most voters”, “withdraw” “This conflict in Iraq is not one where any outcome can be considered a victory.” “Iraq is Vietnam” “WE MUST BRING OUR TROOPS HOME” ” It is a lost cause”.

    So Matthew, are you one of these who SAY you support the troops and maybe even have one of those cute little yellow “Support the Troops” magnets on your car? I’m guessing not.

    I will agree with you (partially) on part of your rant. There will be further deaths. I do not say this lightly either. On February 19th, 2007 my son-in-law was killed by a Taliban sniper while rendering aid to a wounded comrad (GOOGLE Sgt. Buddy James Hughie). Buddy believed in the cause and volunteered to return to Afghanistan. He was married to my daughter a mere twenty months when he was killed and was able to be home on leave for two weeks in November ’06 when little Cooper was born.

    I had to stand by and watch as those two green uniforms walked through my front door to give my yong daughter the tragic news. I was completely and utterly helpless to do anything to alter the situation.

    So you see Matthew while you have the luxury of sitting comfortably behind your keyboard spewing your thinly veiled hatred for the current administration my family doesn’t feel like you.

    We would rather the politicians get out of the way and let our military get the job done. If Bus/Rumsfeld would have listened to Senator McCain early on when he said we needed more troops we surely would have fewer dead military and civilians.

    The US withdrew from Vietnam when it got ugly.
    The US withdrew from Lebanon when the baracks was bombed.
    The US withdrew from Mogadishu when it got ugly.

    Is it any wonder these terrorists think they can chase us out of Iraq?

    Some of us have paid a dear price to get US this far, let’s finish the job first then bring our families home.

    We can start by closing the boarders in Iraq and Afghanistan!!! If you come across the boarder and fire on our family members you don’t have safe haven any where. You are fare game!

  2. M54,

    Let me begin by saying that my heart breaks for your son, grandson and daughter. That a life so young and with so much should be taken is a tragedy of the highest order. I can’t imagine the loss. My own son is only 6, but to lose him would devastate me. I will pray for your daughter and little Cooper and you. Please understand, I have absolutely no hatred, thinly veiled or otherwise, for you, your family or this administration.

    I do not have a “cute little yellow” ribbon on my car. I will tell anyone who asks that I pray for our troops everyday; for protection for themselves and their families. My ex-wife’s brother is a Capt. in the USAF and I am very proud of him and his years of distinguished service to this country. I support military personnel. I do not support the war in Iraq. I do support the action in Afghanistan, because there is a clear link between the attack on our soil on 9/11 and terrorists in Afghanistan. This is not the same war that is being fought in Iraq.

    The US entered Iraq as a liberation army. In my opinion, we liberated. Saddam Heusen is dead. He was executed by a military court. I saw the video. It is time to let Iraqis govern Iraq. More importantly, it is time to let Iraqis police Iraq. That is not our job and it is a waste of every soldiers life when they are killed by a roadside bomb or suicide bomber.

    You write, “let’s finish the job first then bring our families home”. I would respond that there is no finish because there are not clear, achievable objectives in Iraq. We cannot force peace on Iraqi people. If they’re gonna kill each other, we have to let them. The US went through it’s own birth pains. The Revolutionary war fought on our soil and then the US Civil War were the necessary labor to bring forth a new nation. Saddam is gone. A new government is in place. Why are we still there? I don’t believe the US military should be the police force for the whole world.

    M54, I am so sorry. I am so deeply grieved for your loss. I wish, hope, and pray that other families don’t have to suffer the same.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. I wish Bush would share with me again what mission got accomplished.

  4. Matty, come on up date your blog…don’t be a stranger…

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