Dr. Nick:”Hi Everybody!” Everybody: “Hi Dr. Nick!”

So… lots going on… where to start?

A New Direction for My Life
So, I am applying now to the A. W. Tozer Seminary at Simpson University. God has revealed to me His desire for me to be in full-time ministry. My passion is youth and family/couples ministry and I am very much excited about the direction that God is leading me. For many of you, this news will register like this: “Well, duh, Matthew. We’ve thought you should be in ministry since High School. You should have just asked us.”

It is awesome and, at the same time, intimidating for me to feel a calling of God upon my life. I ran so far and so long to get away from God; trying to escape giving up control of my life. I have found, though, God has a way of pursuing us. The Holy Spirit hounds us; relentlessly following, hunting, searching and eventually wooing us to the loving arms of our God. And, we surrender; and it’s difficult. Some things are SO hard to give up control of.

Crown Financial Ministries
In that vein, I am taking a class at my parents church from Crown Ministries. (www.crown.org) Crown Ministries is an organization that teaches Christian-based financial seminars and classes. They teach “discovering God’s way of Handling Money.” It is AWESOME. I would recommend this class to anyone. Go on their website and see about finding a class or small group in your area. They discuss issues like budgeting, debt, home ownership, saving for retirement and children’s educations and many other important topics. Check it out!

The Stirring
My new church is called The Stirring. (thestirring.org) It is an awesome place to worship and learn more about our God. Right now, we are in a series called “We are Family.” We are being challenged to view our Gathering as a family; and to view ourselves as not just “churchgoers” but as Brothers and Sisters and Mothers and Fathers in Christ. The Stirring has not had much of a youth program, but we are getting ready to start up a Jr. High group and I have made it very clearly known that I want to be a part of that ministry.

Well… that was a little rambling and scattered… I’m not in the habit! Bear with me as I get back in the groove.

My love and prayers to all my readers, old and new!



4 Responses

  1. You go! Matty…follow where God leads.

  2. Matty, I have a good friend of mine, Len, who ran from God’s call on his life to be a worship leader. He ran until he was in his 40’s before he finally embraced it. Your story reminded me a bit of his story. My youth pastor in High School was 38 years old.

    All that to say this: relatively speaking, you’re starting pretty young. ;-p

    Follow his leading and his love. The rest is just fodder.

  3. Congrats Matty on figuring out what God is calling you to do! You’ll be awesome!

  4. I love the Crown program. Alan and I went through the course and went on to train to be leaders so we could teach it at our church in Phx. I went the extra step and did the course to become a personal budget coach. Love it!! Money can be such a stumbling block to couples not to mention a huge stumbling block in your own relationship with God. I’ll be praying for you as you go through the course and as you start seminary! WTG!!

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