so… here’s my answer

Ok… after much thought… here goes:

Yes, I am proud to be an American. I am not always proud of America.



3 Responses

  1. I’ve heard it described as the difference between a child’s affections and an adults. A child who loves, loves as if there are no imperfections. The revelation of imperfection is deeply disturbing and offensive to their feelings.
    An adult loves with knowledge of imperfection, both those seen and unseen, and with true love the revelation of new problems does not dissolve the affections. If anything, it increases fervor.
    I am an adult in my patriotism. I realize that there are imperfections, and I seek to uncover them in order to make my beloved a more perfect being. I am proud to be an American, absolutely. I am not proud of my country. Yet, I love her.

  2. This is more a response to your previous entry, but I thought it better not to drop it in the middle of the Obama stuff.

    I’m proud to be British and I think everyone should be proud to be the nationality they are. You didn’t chose to be what you are, but those were the cards you were dealt and that is what you should do your best with. People should show this by not being apathetic to political matters and the running of their country.

    You can’t be proud of something, unless YOU* helped to build it.

    *That’s a general “you” of course, not directed at anyone in partciular.

  3. arrogantscientist –

    welcome to the “Strange Land”. thanks for commenting…

    i have Scots heritage and I am proud of that, too!


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