Well… I did it!

In the chair... ready to start

I have my tattoo! It was such a great experience and I have a flickr photoset all about it! Click HERE to check it out!


8 Responses

  1. congratulations! It looks great.

  2. shush – thanks… i LOVE it

  3. Is that a picture of a naked girl on your arm? Awesome!!…looks great Matty!! What’s her name?

    (Just trying to use shock-value to get you more readers)

  4. Woot, woot!!! Looks good! Let the addiction begin… 😉

  5. Jeromy –

    thanks, brother… good lookin out… or something like that! (btw, her name is bambi)

    Andi –
    INDEED!!! funny… i’m already thinking about the next one! 😉

  6. Matt, that looks great! Deb

  7. Matty – that’s an awesome tattoo – I have to admit – I’m starting to get that craving for another tattoo too. I kind of want to finish out my back tat, but I figure Steve needs to get his first. Anyway – Congrats!

  8. I guess I never posted this, but I love your tatt! (sorry. thought I had.)

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