I am stagnant… I have nothing to write… It’s hard to believe that after “super” Tuesday, the start of Lent, First Wednesday at church last night and all the stuff that’s going on… I have nothing…

I’m sure I could throw something together, dear readers.  I could ramble on for several paragraphs… but you all deserve better than that.

So, here, on Thursday, I must just say thank-you for stopping by.


One Response

  1. Can’t believe you are speechless. You haven’t been speechless since you were TWO.

    It is going to be interesting to see how the lead-up to the Republican convention plays out with M.R. suspending his campaign. As I understand it, by “suspending” he keeps his delegates.

    I can hardly wait for Saturday’s mail to arrive. YOU WILL RECEIVE A CALL FROM YOUR MOTHER, rest assured.


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