Microsoft in bid to buy Yahoo!

Ok… so what… I mean, I don’t use Yahoo! or MS if I can help it, right? Except, oh shit!!! Yahoo! owns Flickr! Flickr which I love! Flickr which gives me so much joy! I can’t believe I may just have to find something else… something which won’t be as good, or easy to use, or fun to play with… grrr…

My faithful readers, something must be done to stop the Micro$oft machine!!! Check out the following for a bit of history:

In 1976 Bill Gates bemoaned that he was already too late
To dominate the software industry,
And that hobbiests were stealing his Early BASIC software,
Which is widely alleged to have been stolen itself…
And no one spoke out because few understood what a computer was.

And then MicroSoft invented a new marketing strategy called Vaporware,
And anyone that knew what this meant; Were incensed,
But were also secretly bemused by it’s audacity.

Then; When MicroSoft latched onto the IBM Clone Wave with MS-D0S,
We thought that someone was finally sticking it to The Man.
Boy– Were we wrong.

And when MicroSoft first derided The Apple’s Macintosh Interface as Childish,
Then Blatantly Stole it Verbatim…
We thought; Well– Apple stole the idea from Xerox’s Alto…

Then MircroSoft got caught having stolen all the code for Internet Explorer,
And rather than pay The True Programmers for all the copies they were selling,
They began giving away for Free,
Flooding the Market & Contributing to Netscape’s demise…
And everyone thought;
This is The Socialist Community Activism that The Computer Industry needs…

Then MicroSoft corrupted The Open Source Internet Language Java,
But nearly everyone used MicroSoft’s Windows & Explorer;
So what did it matter?

And after MicroSoft began gobbling up company after company
And became what The US Justice Department called an Abusive Monopoly,
And tried to stop it with The Sherman Act…
And MicroSoft managed to Weasel Out of any substantive penalties…
We neglected to notice because the whole affair took so long that we lost interest in it.

From time to time;
MicroSoft would introduce a Feature that it claimed was Revolutionary;
But has, In Fact, Been in Wide Use;
Usually by the Macintosh Platform, for Several Years.
Sadly; Many people would become excited anyways;
To The Great & Unbearable Chagrin of Most Smart Hamsters & Talking Parakeets.

After years & years of Incredibly Lame Software,
And Security Breaches that threatened our safety & economy,
We said; ‘Ho hum, What else is new?’

And after every newly discovered Security Flaw,
MicroSoft would have a fix available within minutes…
Suggesting that maybe it Wasn’t a glitch at all,
But a BackDoor that MicroSoft had written into the code for their own use…
But Many people thought–
‘Gee, they sure are fast programmers over there in Redmond.’

And Isn’t that where they grow all those pretty trees?

Then MicroSoft formed an Alliance with NBC,
So that they could more directly influence & manipulate
The root sources of information to the public,
And We thought; ‘There sure are an awful lot of ads on this website…’

And then; They came after Yahoo.
But nobody really liked Yahoo anyway.

But Yahoo owns Flickr.
The last uncorrupted social networking internet site
That is really fun & functional to use.

But it was too late to stop them.

The above was written by: chrstphre on Flickr’s group: MICROSOFT: KEEP YOUR EVlL GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF OUR FLICKR

5 Responses

  1. I heard that Yahoo said Microsoft’s bid greatly undervalued their worth and was uncalled for… poor, spurned Microsoft!

  2. Your You’re a stud! and Microsoft rules drools.

    ed note: This is what he meant to say… he’s out of his mind with boredom… Get Well Soon, Jeromy – MM

  3. Warning to All Commenters: Matt will edit your comment to conform to his beliefs and anal-ness. Comment at your own risk.


  4. Jer –

    Thanks brother… now no one will comment… oh wait, you’re like the only one who does… LOL

    I feel you with the last weeks of work stuff… my last day before my move is going to be March 5 so….

    How’s the search for new employment coming?


  5. I am sure both of your readers will take my comment with a grain of salt. 😉

    March 5…right around the corner. Redding, here Matt comes.

    Pretty well…just waiting on a call-back from a series of interviews. I hope they hire me…sounds like a good job.

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