Barack Obama

John Kerry and Obama.jpg, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

I wonder if this could be the ticket if Obama wins the Democratic nomination in Denver this Aug?

I feel fairly sure which ever candidate wins the Democratic Nomination will be the next president. Can anyone tell me when the last time was that a sitting president’s party won the White House after that sitting president had served two terms? I know the answer to that one, but when did it happen before that?

Gonna be an interesting year!


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  1. Matty –

    Obviously, the last time was when Bush (41) succeeded from Reagan. Before that it was a long time. In 1909, Taft was elected after Teddy Roosevelt served two terms, but Roosevelt didn’t serve two full terms. He took over after McKinley was assasinated shortly into his second term.

    Interestingly, it was such a long time because there were quite a few deaths (and one resignation) in office that caused a VP to succeed, so nobody had a chance to be elected after a two term president.


    I think it is too early to call the race for the Democrats. Both parties have to pick a candidate before you can call a winner. There is a long way to go to November. It will definitely be interesting.


  2. John –

    I agree it’s to early to call… but I have this feeling in my gut.

    I had forgotten that FDR died in office so I thought the FDR / HST transition was the one before… I’m glad i asked!

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. I don’t know… but you’re right, Matty… it’s going to be an interesting year.


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