Wolf is my favorite!

ed note: in the video above, Wolf appears at 2:04… also, I had initially put that Stealth was my girl Gladiator… but I had the name wrong… It should have been Crush!

ok… admit it… who watched American Gladiators last night? Raise your hands… Come on now, don’t be shy… I know I wasn’t the only one… if you are my age and you didn’t wait with bated breath for AmGlad to come on back in the day… I weep for you…

So, yeah… I watched both hours last night and I am setting aside time tonight to watch the new episode. It’s just so much fun to cheer for the contestants (or the gladiators if the contestants are dumb). I turned on my surround sound and cranked it up… it was awesome!!!

oh… and, Crush is a hottie!



2 Responses

  1. Dude, you hit it on the nose. Wolf is the coolest, Crush is the hottest. The show is cheesy but still pretty fun to watch.

  2. Loves it!! But I disagree…. Wolf… um, no. He’s a dork.

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