Reflections on Iowa

So far on my blog I have not done much writing on politics. However, as 2008 dawns and a Presidential race looms, I am forced to acknowledge that I have a keen interest in the process this time around; far more than I have in recent years. Those of you who knew me in High School may be shocked to hear that. I was nothing short of a political junkie and far-right-wing ASS my senior year. There are lots of reasons for that which I will address in another post (it has to do with insecurity and elitism and it affects not just politics but religion and all other facets of our lives).

I have been very interested in Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the Rep side so far and in Barack Obama and John Edwards on the Dem side. Thus far, Mike Huckabee has not really been on my radar. I am very much opposed to a Jon McCain presidency and my feelings toward Ruddy G are tepid at this point.

I listened to Huckabee, Edwards, Clinton, and Obama’s speeches last night and was very impressed by both of the winners.  Mike Huckabee is gracious, he is a commanding speaker and he is very direct, but he does it all without the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) which is so much en vogue with politicians these days.  Obama is much the same, although Obama sounded more like a preacher last night than Huckabee did.   Both of the winning candidates spoke of unity rather than divisiveness; of co-operation rather than competition; and of hope rather than fear.  After listening to both candidates, I felt (yes, felt… this isn’t an intellectual exercise at this point) either one of these men have the best interests of America and Americans at heart.  Policy debates and liberal approaches versus conservative approaches are to be saved for another time.  My initial impressions after last night’s caucuses are these:

  1. I was disappointed by Mitt Romney’s decision to give his speech at the same time Huckabee gave his.  Showed a slight lack of character and I hope it was accidental, not intentional.
  2. Mike Huckabee is presidential… even with that last name
  3. Barack Obama is not a scary thought… Hilary Clinton IS A SCARY THOUGHT.
  4. John Edwards is just a little too pretty for politics.

Thanks for reading, I know this was a long one.   More later

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