Jan 3, 2008 in Iowa and beyond…

I stand (figuratively) here at the official beginning of the 2008 campaign season (the Iowa caucuses) and survey the political landscape in this, our great nation, the U S of A, and I am…. sad? no…. happy? no… relieved? yeah… relieved is a good word. I am relieved to know our political process goes on… it’s not a perfect system, this representative democracy of ours. In fact, it’s the worst governmental system in the world, except for all the other ones that have been tried. Continue reading

just a chuckle


I found the cartoon below as I was surfing around the web yesterday. It has a “bad word” in it, so you have to click the ‘Read More’ link to view it. It cracked me up.

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Mitt Romney in Iowa

Iowa 1/1, originally uploaded by Mitt Romney.

There are two reasons for this post… the main reason is to further test Flickr/Wordpress integration… but, I also really like this photo and I really like this candidate and I hope he does very well tonight…

ps – Mitt… if you read this… have you considered Ron Paul as a running mate?????!!!!

A Beautiful San Diego Sunset

DCP_0285, originally uploaded by supershan.

This is a test post utilizing Flickr’s blogging capabilities. This photo was taken by a friend of mine.