Just a rant…

There is a feature on WordPress.com that I truly enjoy… it’s called “Tag Surfer” and it keeps a running tally of posts that are made based on the “tags” people give them… my tags are: ubuntu, mac, god…. guess which one gives me fits…

MAC of all things… apparently there is some kind of make-up or something called mac… why someone would name makeup after a computer is beyond me… even farther beyond me is why, oh why, would anyone take the time, energy and effort to blog about it?????

dumb… what’s next… the Kraft Mayonnaise blog?  the Johnson’s Baby Powder blog?  the Trojan “Her Pleasure” blog????


7 Responses

  1. Duuuude… MAC makeup is the bomb! And, yes, you could totally blog about it. In fact, I’d rather read about MAC than Macs. 😛 (Don’t worry, I’ll keep reading your blog anyway. hee hee)

  2. fine… you wanna read about make-up… here…


  3. There are two types of people in the world, MAC (computer, not makeup) or PC? Which are you?

  4. Mac!!! and Linux all the way… i don’t run M$oft at my house…

  5. I own and love MAC but have to use PC at work…ugh.

  6. BTW…you’ve been Blogrolled as well…

  7. jer-
    Well… now I, too, have arrived.

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