To my readers…

I love you all so much… You may not know how it brightens my day to see when you comment or to check my “blog stats” and see all the hits. (Is it egotistical that I spend a vast amount of time reading and analyzing my blog stats?)

I really started this blog to help me deal with the end of my marriage and my new journey with GOD. To that end, it has been a wild success. I hope and pray that my words can be an inspiration to you all, a chance to pause and reflect, or even give you a chuckle.

I also want to take this opportunity to update you all on some going’s on in my life…

I have just completed the application process for admittance to Simpson University in Redding, CA. I am applying to the school of Education to pursue a Master of Arts in Education. This is the school where my dad teaches. I am waiting to hear from the school as to whether or not I have been accepted. (Please pray that I am accepted!)

My initial plan is to begin taking courses on-line beginning in January and to move to Redding sometime early in 2008. The lease on my apartment in Las Vegas is up in March of 2008, however I would consider moving before that time if a job opportunity presented itself. (Please pray in this direction!) I intend to focus my Master’s work in the direction of education technology, combining my passion for technology with my love of teachers and students. My goal would be to go to work for a private school or perhaps a school district as a technology coordinator and trainer; I want to “teach teachers” how to use Tech! There may also be an opportunity to teach at the college level, sometime in the future.

The opportunity to reconnect with my “family of origin” is so exciting to me. For the last 10 years or so, my life has revolved around Her family (who I love, don’t get me wrong) but I have lost most of my connection to my folks and my dear sister. During the time I was able to spend in Redding over Thanksgiving, I just fell in love with the town. It’s small compared with the places I’ve lived most of my life (just barely 100k people) but it’s big enough to be convenient. (They have the requisite Wal-Mart and Best Buy!) The SF Bay area is about 3.5 hr drive away… close enough for sporting events and culture get-aways. The hardest part, of course, will be leaving Fish behind. (Please pray HARD about this!)

3 Responses

  1. Hi Matt(hew?),

    I nearly went to Simpson college as well back in the 90’s. I just started reading your blog, but sorry to hear about your marriage. A friend of mine just went through it and it has been the most difficult thing he’s even experienced. You are in our families prayers tonight. Much love…

  2. Definitely will be praying for you. I understand the want to pursue new things and more education. I also understand the whole moving thing, and how the heart tugs. I can’t imagine having to leave Fish behind, but I do understand what you’re thoughts are. Go you! Just keep listening for God’s voice. He will direct you.

  3. I am super-excited about you working with teachers and students with tech (what a GREAT idea!). From the little I know now about you, that seems like it could be really perfect for you. Great way to find today’s opportunities for your talents.

    I don’t regret a minute that I spent teaching even at the worst of times. It is such a noble pursuit and we are used so much even when we are a mess. It is a great way to be in people’s lives and to contribute.

    As you gear up and as you have time, I have three books that I REALLY recommend.

    Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks. Howard Hendricks is the sexiest man alive and I really want to marry him. He came to speak at an ELIC conference. But, I had to get a grip — he’s been making his wife one of the happiest women on the planet for about fifty years.

    What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain
    Totally rocked my teaching. Finally turned the corner on some things when I read this one — especially total concentration on helping the student and getting my mind off myself.

    To Know as We are Known by Parker J. Palmer
    Talks about the true art of connection and the painful process of missing or trying to attain that connection. Fantastic book!

    I wish you all the best in pursuing becoming a junior high teacher or in helping teachers with tech (wish you could help me. I need it!) Power point and interacting with students through a blog especially for my classes is where I am at in tech right now. Very rudimentary skills.

    By the way, you were not the last person under the age of 35 to get on MySpace. I still am not on MySpace. My techie teammate is absolutely frightened and positively appalled at my lack of technical skill.

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