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A good and dear friend whom I love and respect recently invited me to join a group on Facebook which has the purpose of boycotting the new film, “The Golden Compass”.  I was curious and read up on the film.  It seems in the novels upon which the movie is based the main character has a quest to “kill god”.  The author of the books, Philip Pullman, has even been quoted as saying, “My books are about killing god” but I can’t find that quote anywhere.  What I have read is the typical fare of an Atheist (which I used to be)…. things like… organized religion does more harm than good… or science can’t prove the existence of god… or the Church is just a bunch of power hungry white guys…  there isn’t any new ground here, so, my further research leads me to believe Pullman’s books are about killing organized religion, which is an idea I can strongly understand.

In summary, I will not be boycotting this film.  In fact, I look forward to seeing it.  In addition, I’m going to read the books if I can find them at my local library…  As Christians, we shouldn’t be afraid of what the world throws at us… So many people called for the boycott of the film “The Last Temptation of Christ” when it was released in the 1988, but it was a fantastic film and it challenged my faith and gave me insights I had never before discovered.  I believe that my GOD is in everything… that HIS hands are at work in my (our) everyday lives… HE isn’t threated by Phillip Pullman… I’m sure not going to be


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  1. honestly, I had not looked at that film before. I blogged about the film last week, in regards to showing it to children. But you make a great point, God is bigger than Pullman so maybe we should be. It is a great way to speak to those who may not know God or why organized religion is not a great thing. A great opportunity to share what God is. Thanks!!

  2. Matty –

    I agree with you that God is not threatened by any book or movie. I am not familiar with the book or the movie. As I have thought about it, I am not convinced that a boycott is the right approach. As a parent, I am called to teach my kids how to think critically about all things. Now, I probably won’t take my youngest child to see the movie, but if I take my older kids, it will include a long discussion about what we believe and why, and how the movie shows a viewpoint that I disagree with.

    At the end of the day, I am not likely to take my kids. Not because I am boycotting anything, but because I don’t see many movies, and am fairly selective about what they see and what I see.

  3. It is great to know that there are people who consider themselves Christian who are not threatened by alternative viewpoints.

    Stay open-minded and remember that unquestioned faith is weak. You may know what you believe, but unless you know why you believe it, it really isn’t your faith. It belongs to someone else.

    When borrowed faith is tested it fails. All honest Christians have doubts. (In fact all people of faith have doubts. It comes with the territory.) Face the doubts, question them to see if they are legitimate, and find the truth. Turn the doubts into genuine faith. Then you have something you can stand on.

  4. As the children’s director at my church I have warned parents about this movie. Did I tell them to boycott it? No. But I did want them to understand what the movie/books are about before making a decision to see the movie.

    I don’t feel threatened by this movie, not in the least. I will not see it though. Yes, I believe that Christians need to be informed of the world they live in but personally, I don’t care to waste my time watching a movie like that. I need to be a good steward of my time. I’m not pointing fingers at other people that are choosing to see it. It’s a personal choice.

  5. I too am reading this book Matty….it’ll be interesting to see his perspective on faith….religion…etc

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