Gutsy Update

well… I took a Kubuntu 7.10 (Alt) install disk up to Redding over Thanksgiving and installed it on mom’s laptop… install went fine (it’s a Dell Inspiron notebook) but the Broadcom wireless card is giving me fits… i ended up bringing the lappy home from Cali with me and I promised to have it ship-shape by the time I get back there at Christmas…

I’m taking suggestions for other distro’s, tho… if anyone has any thoughts… basically, I want to have a KDE desktop (for ease of use and familiar feel) but, I don’t anticipate them needing to upgrade/install apps so, K/X/Ubuntu’s package management sys is not such a huge selling point… the lappy has a 2ghz celleron but is really short on RAM…

feedback, please!!!


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  1. Broadcom cards are the most difficult to set up. A different distro won’t help, the process will be the same. You will probably need to use ndiswrapper. Goggle ubuntu and broadcom wifi and you will get an lot of info.

  2. ozjd-

    thanks for the response… i know the broadcom card will be tricksy, but i have found a couple of good tutorials and walk-thru’s… my distro question was not with regards to the card, but more a question of stability and ease of use… i don’t want this to be a trying experience for my mom!

    thanks again and welcome to my blog!


  3. hi Matty

    I don’t think there is much better than Ubuntu in its various forms. I use it with both the Gnome and KDE desktops and find it very stable on both an old laptop and reasonably new desktop. Its popularity is probably a good indication that it meets the needs of most people.
    I have used linux since Mandrake 8 and my preferences are Ubuntu and Mepis.

    good luck


  4. ozjd-

    don’t suppose you’d have any advice on WPA in Kubuntu… wpa_supplicant is giving me fits… i can connect to unprotected networks, but not to my wpa router

    ahhhh joy!


  5. Matty

    I think I was lucky with wifi. I have a Netgear WPN511 (atheros chipset I believe) and all I did was have it plugged in when I did the install. It was recognised and set up, I entered the password for my wpa-psk network and it was up and working. Wisely I haven’t touched it since and it is fine.

    So that its the long answer, the short answer is no I have left well enough alone. My problem is usb sound on the desktop. Nothing except Rhythmnbox works.



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