I really hate to do this… Politics makes me itch…

I found this video on YouTube… It’s propaganda… I know this… but, it’s propaganda that resonates with me… tell me what you think…


4 Responses

  1. Nothing to hate, when you’re right.

    Moreover, you’re already a part of it, since you’ve blogged on…..!

  2. Hmmm…. I really have tried to avoid politics so far this cycle. I must admit, I know hardly anything on Ron Paul. I need to ad him to my short list of candidates that I will consider voting for.


  3. John –

    It troubles me that Pat Robertson has come out in support of Giuliani… It sends the wrong message, I think… Robertson has only come out for Giuliani because Robertson believes that Giuliani is going to win the nomination. It’s a classic move of waiting to back a horse until you think you know who’s going to win… not based on anything else… Giuliani is not a particularly moral man, he’s not the “Sunday School” type… Mit Romney is more open about his faith than Giuliani (albiet a Mormon faith which Robertson would never endorse…)

    My short list is Ron Paul and Mit Romney… I think Giuliani is a horrible choice…

    my 2 cents…


  4. He’s my candidate….a bit far fetched in some things…but idealism is good….I’ve been supporting him for about a two months now…..hopefully the grass roots effort will pay off!

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