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This post is in response to a post I read today. The original author (click here for the original post) is struggling with questions of faith and the existence of GOD. My responses are in italics. I am not trying to change her mind. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I only hope a dialog can open and pray GOD can be made real to this young lady. I understand her pain and frustration, perhaps more than anyone she’s ever talked to about it. “God is a girl”, please read with an open heart… then post back so we can discuss.


If God exists? Why is there so much suffering?
Suffering is the result of evil in the world. Evil is the result of human beings having a free-will and being able to choose between good and evil. As soon as there was a choice, there was evil.

If God loves us so much, why are there so many of us going to Hell?
We are going to hell because we choose Evil. All of us… everyday… choose evil. In the little things, in the big things… we choose evil. We go to Heaven becuase GOD loved us enough to provide a way. Because Jesus Christ died without ever having sinned, because Jesus Christ went to hell, because Jesus Christ left hell and returned to Heaven, I need not go to hell. It’s very simple, really. I do bad things, Jesus took the punishment, GOD welcomes me into his presence as a favored child

If God is so powerful, why did He not do something about the Devil who is to blame for everything that went wrong?
The Devil isn’t to blame for everything that went wrong. We are to blame. We choose evil and things go wrong. The Devil is the personification of Evil, but not the cause of it.

If God really loves me, why is He testing me so much? If God really loves me, why wouldn’t He make things right? Why does God continue to be so elusive despite all my Faith in Him?
GOD does love us. We experience trials and tribulations, not as a game for GOD, but because there is Evil in the world. In HIM, all things will be made right, but in HIS time. HIS time is not our time. GOD is not elusive, we are impatient. Faith requires trusting in that which we cannot see, or even in what we cannot sense in any way at all.

If God is there all the time, why do I feel forsaken sometimes? How does He expect be[sic] to be able to love Him with all my might when I’m in so much pain, and yet He is still unmoved to do something about it?
GOD is there all the time. Our feelings of forsaken-ness and lonliness are our feelings. Our feelings do not change GOD. I know my significant other loves me even when I don’t feel it. GOD is the same way. We know HIM, we know HIS character through HIS word. We know HE will never leave us. What we know should affect how we feel, not the other way around. GOD understands our pain, HE felt our pain in the person and suffering of Jesus Christ. In our pain, HE is the only one we can love because HE is the only one who never causes us pain. You say GOD is unmoved, I remind you HIS time is not our time.


6 Responses

  1. I appreciate the effort, really.

    So I’d hate to be mean here. But, yeah, my Faith is secured. I place my trust in what I can see, feel, and experience. In the goodness of men, and I’m hopeful that as humans we’ll be able to make good moral progress in the grand scheme of things, through the ups and downs. Even as we are capable of great Evil at times. But eventually, Love always wins. And I believe that humans are genuinely capable of immeasurable love, if we’ll open our hearts to each other. And we don’t need Religion to do this.

    I have my reasons for rejecting religion, and I’m sure you’ll respect my reasons for doing so as much as I respect your choice of belief.

    Why would I not believe in God?

    Because the Christian God, or the Muslim God for that matter, does not exist. As a matter of fact, of my reality, as is the shared reality of many other non-believers.

    I understand your desire to help, but let’s just say that that was me asking rhetorical questions if you really knew me. 🙂

    Still, I appreciate the reply.

  2. Matty – I loved what you wrote in response – I really hurt for this young woman – I’ve been where she is – and it was only through really understanding what Jesus did for me that changed everything for me:

    “And it is this same type of unquestioning attitude that can lead to issues of low self-esteem if you ask me. Because you dare not face up to the truth, and see things as they really are, good or bad, ugly or beautiful. It’s the greatest cop-out of all.”

    I actually found that by knowing Jesus personally – my self esteem increased because I know that He died for me.

  3. Tracy,

    I agree… My feelings of importance and self-worth have never been greater since I made Jesus my Lord!


  4. Of course I understand, otherwise I wouldn’t even be having this conversation with you. 🙂

    I don’t have to experience Neptune to know that it exists because I can perform calculations about its location, I can send a spacecraft to check it out, I can verify its existence physically.

    As for the experience of God, I have no doubt that people of VARIOUS religions are having experiences of Him all the time. So, which God should I really believe in? All Religions claim to be the way to the Truth. Perhaps the fact is that Religion is no more than a psychological phenomena, ever heard of the God Helmet?

    We cannot quantify God. It appears to be the case that I have no good reasons to believe in Him other than from the words of others, or from the Bible. And I have several reasons to cast Him aside. Perhaps you can explain fossil evidences that contradict the story of Genesis to me?

    Using a religious Theodicy to explain the problem of Evil and Suffering is a… Puzzling move to me. Where do you get your answers from? The Good Book? And how might you know or confirm that your answers are right? Surely it amounts to no argument to me because I reject the notion of Original Sin.

    There are so many religions in this world, how would you pick or choose? How would you know which one is true? Divine revelation?

    What is so good, so great about this God? What makes you think so?

    Of course God does not require me to believe in Him, because you do, as well as many others. And that’s how He will continue to extend his – divine influence – on this world, for better or for worse. He put us here on Earth, in a mortal life so that we’ll have a shot at Heaven.

  5. Matty –

    I really like the response. It is well thought out and compassionate.

    As for the original author, she sounds a bit naive. She claims to put her trust “In the goodness of men, and I’m hopeful that as humans we’ll be able to make good moral progress in the grand scheme of things”

    However, everything that human history has to teach, and everything that I have seen shows that the goodness of men is usually a sham. We humans are greedy and self-centered. It is the reality of it all, and that is exactly what original sin is.

    She asks great questions about the difficulty of putting faith in revelation when there are so many claiming to have revelation, but she has no interest in actually testing any of the claims. She says that she need not experience Neptune because she can test it, but testing is experiencing it. Perhaps she should consider testing God.

    Matty –

    Keep speaking what is true.


  6. It takes more faith to believe in fossil “evidences” than it does to believe in a Creator. I’m tired of people spouting “facts” of fossils being millions of year old – it’s a THEORY people – and one that’s been proven to not be accurate.

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