Why I want to be a teacher…

I have been browsing around looking for teacher’s blogs. I have decided that God is calling me to teach. (you still call it “calling” when HE’s been beating you over the head with a spiritual 2×4 for 15 years and you finally decide to take notice, right?) And I came across a blog called “Sara in the Delta” on TeachFor.Us which is a blogging site for those brave souls who answer the challenge of Teach for America. Sarah is an English teacher and that is what I want to be as well, however she teaches at the High School level and , well, since I’m apparently a masochist, I want to teach Jr. Highers… She posted the following video and it made me laugh and cry and cheer and be inspired. It is a video of Taylor Mali performing his famous poem, “What Teachers Make”. I’m going to share it with you, because “what teachers make” is a question you should never ask, if you aren’t willing to really hear the answer.