Happy Monday!

Good day to all my faithful… and my deepest and most sincere apologies for neglecting my blogging responsibilities.

My dear friend, Andi, over at kungfuchicken has chided me a little to remind me of my promised “Testimony” post.  This is proving to be a much harder undertaking than I initially anticipated.  A stretch of my literary muscles, so to speak.   I am up to the challenge… just looking for the time! (yes, i did NEED to sit on the couch and watch football yesterday!)

My mom is coming to visit this weekend… I have resigned myself to the fact she is coming to see “Fish” and not me… oh, well…  Pictures of the blessed events to follow early next week… see if we can’t spice this blog up a little…

Still playing around with layout and themes… I would appreciate any and all comments (+, -, N)… most recently, I have switched the “About” page to be something you click to, not the main page when you first view the blog…


2 Responses

  1. I like having your blog be the main page and the “about” be in a separate spot. Personally, I think your header is a bit bland for you though. I’d like to see some sort of image that represents Stranger in a Strange Land.

  2. Matty-
    I like the new theme, and that you have moved the about page away from the home page. It is nice to see something new when I check out your site.

    When is that testimony coming?

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