I’ve redesigned things a bit… I felt my one sidebar was getting over crowded as there are always so many cool little widgets and gadgets that can go in them… so, I picked a 3-column theme so I could spread it out a bit, trouble is, I don’t like the default color scheme and i’m no good for picking a new one… so, i just decided to fudge a bit and see if i could make something that resembles my old theme… ehhh… it’ll do for now…

i’m exhausted… i think i need more than 3 hours of sleep…  tonight there will be a nap, then there will be a midnight run to Wal-Mart to procure “Transformers” as it arrives on DVD tomorrow (10/16)… hence the midnight run… i want to be FIRST!!!  then, more sleeping…


Matty the Stranger

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