Need some new music

I have been pining for some new music and top 40 radio just isn’t cutting it… I mean, Rihanna is hot, but I’m really not interested in her Umbrella -ella -ella…

I gave up on Christian Music back in middle school… it was, well… bad…  Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman… all synth-pop and bubble-gum…   i’ve always loved Rich Mullins and Chagall Guevera…  The Violet Burning was one of my favorites in High School… but I haven’t heard from them since…

Can anybody recommend any “good” christian music… please???  I really like “The Fray”… they aren’t a “Christian” band but a band made up of Christians… also “Flyleaf” and “POD”…



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  1. My personal favorites are Audio Adrenaline and Jonah33. I like to rock out with AA in the car and even my kids will ask for it 🙂

  2. It’s funny that you say you gave up on Christian music in middle school. I think I did the same thing.

    I highly recommend Pedro the Lion (aka David Bazan). The songwriting is incredible. I would start with the album “It’s Hard to Find a Friend” and work your way forward. Probably my favorite band of all time.

    I don’t know that you would categorize him as “Christian music” but there is definitely a spiritual undertone to his writing.

  3. I absolutely love Jennifer Knapp. She’s relevant and real to me.
    (In other words she’s not into it for the money) Maybe that would be a good topic, I wonder how many “Christian” artists set out to be Christian artists or just were unable to make it on the commercial labels. Sometimes I wonder…

  4. So… I manage a small Christian band that would TOTALLY agree with you! (And I do too!) I stayed away from the Christian scene for quite some time. I found recently that, like Chris said, there are a lot of Christians in bands that are great like Pedro The Lion or The Fray…

    It’s getting better though, thanks to the internet:) You should check out our band and see if you think it falls into the “same old Christian trash” category! I’d be really curious to see what you think… An outsiders perspective, ya know? (If you like it I’ll send you a link to download the songs free…)

    Good luck on the hunt!

    PS. Try Sleeping At Last, Leeland, Phil Danyew, Phil Wickham…

  5. I agree about giving up on Christian music – is there even such a thing? I am not sure that there is – I think we have just created a cruddy genre and filled it with cruddy bands.

    To answer your question more specifically though – some people you might like:
    Dashboard Confessional – not necessarily christian, but good
    Charlie Hall
    Relient K
    Run Kid Run
    Chasing Victory
    David Crowder
    FM Static
    Last Tuesday
    Sidewalk Slam
    Falling UP
    Jeremy Camp

    These aren’t all in the same style – but some “christian acts” I like and don’t like but that are good. Hope it helps!

  6. The new Radiohead album just came out today and is pretty awesome. It’s available only for download and they are allowing people to pay whatever they feel it is worth. A novel idea. Check it out.


  7. Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog today. Check out my blog at I’m just totally tired of standard CCM radio, so I’ve been delving into the indie stuff for a few years now. I started the blog as a way to get the word out about some great bands. I put up new MP3s at least 3 times a week, so check back for cool new stuff a lot. I’ll be putting up all sorts of styles, everything from blues to indie rock to emo to punk to worship.

  8. Hey…Jeremy Camp is really good…he is from IN and we know him…great guy and great rocker.:)

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