A Christian Nation?

I came across Xanik’s blog today and read this post. He is commenting on an article from The New York Times on the place of religion in modern American politics as well as in our history.

I’d like to go on record as agreeing whole-heartedly with Xanik’s summary assessment quoted here:

…let’s stop splitting up this country as we’re currently on the path to. I don’t agree with everyone in this country, but I acknowledge they have a right to live here. (Just as I do.) Compromises can be made, just as they have always been made, to accommodate as many peoples as we can. As time marches on, and changes the culture of America, we must all adapt, lest we be left in time’s dust, and only left as a forgotten memory. It isn’t always easy to accept new ideas/cultures, but American has always been better for it in the past. Why must that now change?

Kudos to you, Xanik, and to the author of the NYTimes article, as well… We need to be citizens of the Kingdom of God and members of the family and body of CHRIST, before we ally ourselves with ANY entity on earth.

Matty the Stranger

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  1. Thanks for the feed back! It’s always appreciated! 🙂

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