A new Laptop

I came across this blog on my meanderings around the web today.  The author is debating/contemplating/agonizing over a new laptop.  My comment to her was this, “buy a Mac… the new MacBooks can dual boot Mac OS and Windows XP… I bet, within 6 weeks, you won’t even boot XP anymore…”.  Then, I read some of her old posts and realized she wants a laptop for gaming… does this change my suggestion?  OF COURSE NOT…

The new Macs run Windows natively… it’s not emulation… it’s exactly the same as booting Windows XP on a Dell or Toshiba or HP laptop… so, if you HAVE to game in XP, boot into XP and when you need to work or surf or email or blog or do pretty much anything else, boot OS X and enjoy your computer!!!!

That’s all… oh, and btw, if anyone wants to make a donation to the “Matty really wants to buy a used MacBook or iBook” fund, just let me know!!

Matty the Stranger


One Response

  1. Hmm….

    I had a conversation with my pastor tonight. He is looking for a new laptop to use at home. He was asking about what sort of Dell or HP he should get. I suggested that he consider a MacBook.

    And, I haven’t used a Mac in years. I am in a field that relies almost exclusively on that OS from Redmond, that I dare not name on your blog. But if Matt and Rob say that pastors should consider Mac OS X as their operating system, then who am I to question them.


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