“I had this idea for a show…” – Barbara Walters

Why am I quoting Babwa Wawa??? Because I have this idea for a blog…

I would like to publish an on-line cookbook initially as a wordpress.com blog under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 3.0 US license and I would like it to be “user contributed”!!! I would act as editor/contributor, any recipes submitted would remain the property of the contributor with full credits given.  If this goes well, perhaps a real, honest-to-god book with pages and everything!!! could find it’s way to a publisher/printer/bookstore or on-line retailer near you…

Wanna help?   Wanna participate?  Wanna tell me I’m nutz?  comment to this post and, based on response, we’ll see what the next step is.


Philippians 1:6

(So… here it is… I will most likely be writing this in sections… a little bit at a time, because I never have very much time at one time…)

“being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it” – Phil 1:6

This verse has become so important to me. Because, GOD began a good work in me when I was a very small child and, regardless of my desires and my plans and my banal stupidity, GOD is nothing if not faithful to HIS word.

I was born into and raised in a wonderful, loving, Christian home. My parents did everything they could to model CHRIST and CHRISTlike behavior. We attended church regularly (too regularly?) and I was always active in Sunday School, Youth Group, VBS and those types of things. I prayed. I memorized Scriptures. In 2nd grade, I began attending Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis, IN. Each and everyday brought prayer and biblical teaching. I attended conferences. I both attended and led bible studies. After a brief foray into public school in 8th, 9th and 10th grades, I graduated from Scottsdale Christian Academy in 1993.

Why I want to be a teacher…

I have been browsing around looking for teacher’s blogs. I have decided that God is calling me to teach. (you still call it “calling” when HE’s been beating you over the head with a spiritual 2×4 for 15 years and you finally decide to take notice, right?) And I came across a blog called “Sara in the Delta” on TeachFor.Us which is a blogging site for those brave souls who answer the challenge of Teach for America. Sarah is an English teacher and that is what I want to be as well, however she teaches at the High School level and , well, since I’m apparently a masochist, I want to teach Jr. Highers… She posted the following video and it made me laugh and cry and cheer and be inspired. It is a video of Taylor Mali performing his famous poem, “What Teachers Make”. I’m going to share it with you, because “what teachers make” is a question you should never ask, if you aren’t willing to really hear the answer.


new theme…

so, i’m going a little nuts with themes and such… i need to break down, sign up for webhosting somewhere and then i can run a custom wordpress installation and theme to my heart’s content…

in the mean time, however, I have chosen a “misty, moisty” very UN desert theme and i am using a photo that I TOOK of the Santa Barbara, CA coastline as the header image… kinda cool, no? (i have tried it w/ the railing and w/o the railing… i like the railing in… thoughts?)


Happy Monday!

Good day to all my faithful… and my deepest and most sincere apologies for neglecting my blogging responsibilities.

My dear friend, Andi, over at kungfuchicken has chided me a little to remind me of my promised “Testimony” post.  This is proving to be a much harder undertaking than I initially anticipated.  A stretch of my literary muscles, so to speak.   I am up to the challenge… just looking for the time! (yes, i did NEED to sit on the couch and watch football yesterday!)

My mom is coming to visit this weekend… I have resigned myself to the fact she is coming to see “Fish” and not me… oh, well…  Pictures of the blessed events to follow early next week… see if we can’t spice this blog up a little…

Still playing around with layout and themes… I would appreciate any and all comments (+, -, N)… most recently, I have switched the “About” page to be something you click to, not the main page when you first view the blog…



Some lolcat cuteness for your FRIDAY!!!

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