What I have against Micro$oft… Part 1

In  an attempt to further my readers knowledge and ability, I would like to take some blogspace to encouraging you to forgo Microsoft products, perhaps even one application at a time… In this way, you will, no doubt, come to realize that you truly do have a choice in how you accomplish every computer related task… In this article, I would like to address Microsoft Office…

The main argument I hear from people with regards to shrugging off the monster that is Microsoft revolves around the “flagship” product (well, after their sorry excuse for an OS), Microsoft Office…

Office is the “de facto” standard for documents in American business.  Why?  Because.

That’s all there is… It isn’t a great product… It isn’t particularly easy to use… It isn’t particularly intuitive… It’s the standard because that’s what everyone had.  Is this a bad thing? Not necessarially… in the beginning, data was just words… just plain text… and that was understood universally by all different programs…. with the advent of graphical user interfaces and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get… pronounced “wizzywhig”) editors, the average user was able to determine what their document would look like… adding bold, underline and even italic elements… these simple options were followed by different text colors , ordered and bulleted lists, and even the ability to embed graphics within the document… each competing product implemented these changes in their own unique, proprietary way, incompatible with other products from different manufaturers… A document created in Word Perfect would not appear correct if opened in Microsoft Office, for example.  As the need to share documents electronically grew, for distribution, collaboration, or other purposes, these competing file formats became a nightmare…

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