Tonight I witnessed my first UFC fight night… it was VERY COOL… I really had never watched any of the fights before, but a bunch of guys from church were getting together and my boy, Josh, is a huge fan, so I wanted to check it out… When I was first introduced to Boxing in college, I held the opinion that Boxing was just two grown men beating the shit out of each other for no real purpose… a guy on my floor sat with me and pointed out how the strategy and technique were laid out during a boxing match and I was pretty much hooked at that point… I finally began to see the “sweet science”…

My opinion of UFC fighting was much the same… two grown men… shit… out… etc… UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world right now, so there had to be more to it that just that, right? So, when Josh said, “Wanna come over to Will’s house, watch the fights and eat nachos?” I said, “you know I do!” There were 4 under card fights (televised) and a main event…. with the main event fought last of the evening. The under card fights were interesting… the opponents appeared evenly matched, the fights progressed slowly and I was able to follow along really well… learning phrases like “arm bar”, “full guard” and “side control” The fourth fight was between Forest Griffin and “Shogun” Rua and by that time, I was really getting into it… I was learning to anticipate the moves and beginning understand what each change of position, each submission attempt and each strike meant in the overall strategy of the fight. As a group, the 8 or so guys there called each fight pretty well, and spirits were high. Finally, the main event, between Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardin… What an event! It was fantastic… The fight went the scheduled three, five-minute rounds (I learned title fights are five, five-minute rounds) and The Dean of Mean won the match by split decision…

I had so much fun… I learned about a new sport and got to hang with and meet some new guys from the church… I am so grateful for The Crossing…

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