Life is amazing… Technology is amazing… Last spring, April, I think, I broke down and made a myspace page.  I’m pretty sure I was the last one under 35 in the entire nation to not have one… In a matter of weeks, I had reconnected to so many friends… and made quite a few new ones, as well…

In fact, I believe God used myspace to call me back to Himself…  my story and testimony on another post, k?

Now, I’ve discovered Facebook… omg!  In the last week I’ve exchanged emails with 3 friends from elementary school and a dear, dear friend from middle and high school… It’s quite a fantastic experience… I have been so lonely and desperate for friends lately… so isolated… and now, God has brought me so many new acquaintances who were old friends and acquaintances… It is an amazing answer to prayer…

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  1. Love ya too Matty! God has blessed me as well my old and dear friend….


    technology is amazing until you work at a dot-com and have a username that everyone thinks is their friend..

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