The last movie I saw in a theatre was “War” starring Jet Li and Jason Statham… now, these guys are two of the best actors in the action genre and they are also two of my favorites.  For any of you “Hitman” fans out there, I think Jason should be playing Agent 47… but they didn’t ask me!

I hope this weekend to see “Resident Evil: Extinction”.  I am a big fan of the franchise and I think the movie will be good.  All the reviews I’ve read and all the clips/trailers I’ve seen point to it being a great ending to the trilogy.

My top favorite DVD’s in my collection are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Matrix trilogy, Transporter 1&2 (more jason statham!!) and John Carpenter’s “Vampires”… I LOVE VAMPIRE MOVIES… but more on that later!

Matty the Stranger


3 Responses

  1. I LOVE BUFFY!!!! AND VAMPIRE STUFF!!!!!not a fan of John C’s Vampire….couldn’t walk on grass for weeks….:) Love ya!

  2. I too am a Buffy fan! And oooohh Resident Evil. I love the video game . . . we used to play it in the dark at our apartment in college with just a few candles lit and we would scream like little girls . . . . . hahaha – so have you seen it yet? How was it?

  3. Ben-
    Resident Evil was, to use a word from our generation, RAD!!! LOL

    Loved it… never played the vidgame…


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